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Mail- In Repairs

Here at Teton Tech Store we provide Technology and Services for your everyday needs, but disaster or accidents happen and we are here for those moments. No matter where you are, our simple Mail-In Repair Service will make all the difference. We send the label, You send it in, Then we work our magic and send it back good as new.

Red Dots on Black

Personal Information:

Device Information:

Is your Screen Cracked or Broken?
Is the Frame of your Device, Bent, Dented, or seperated from the screen?
Have you recently dropped your phone in Water or Snow?
Is your charging port working?
Has your device been repaired recently?

Repair Warranty and Release of Liability

Customer claims to have rightful ownership or authorized control of device listed above and agrees to the following terms & conditions:

1. Customer acknowledges that each repair is given a 90-Day Non-Transferable Warranty of the part(s) and service(s) as described above ONLY to the purchaser of the parts and service provided. If another system(s) or part(s) reacts adversely after a repair service has been provided, eTECH will evaluate the repair and make any alterations/adjustments as necessary, if it is determined that the part(s) or service(s) used in the initial repair is a substantial factor in the device's newly-discovered-issue post-repair as a part of the warranty. 

2. Customer acknowledges if another system(s) or part(s) fail independently of the repair listed above, or other system(s) or part(s) are determined to be failing due to any reasons listed in Paragraph 3 or otherwise, eTECH reserves the right to charge for the inspection provided, which may be applied to a new repair work order and, in turn, have its own separate 90-Day Non-Transferable Warranty. eTECH will not perform any additional repair other than what is listed above and is expressly authorized by the customer to perform, either verbally or in writing.

3. Customer acknowledges that eTECH’s employees, including representatives, management, or technicians are not liable for any device that is discovered, determined, or disclosed to have either defective hardware or software, had received damaged caused by any user’s accidental handling, user misuse—including abuse or neglect, any software or hardware malfunctions caused by any user misuse or software compatibility issues, unauthorized modification of the device, a previous repair not performed by eTECH, the device is deemed non-repairable by eTECH technicians, extreme physical or electrical interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God, or other external causes before or device was brought in for repair or the defect manifests itself during said repair and are the customer’s sole responsibility. 

4. Customer Releases eTECH from any responsibility once a device is submitted for repair and the device is open including, but is not limited to, stored contacts, stored pictures/text messages/emails, music, documents, files, data, or any other applications lost during the repair process, or by any reason as listed in Paragraph 3.  

5. Customer agrees to provide eTECH with any applicable passwords required to properly test mobile device for operational testing purposes only.

6. Customer acknowledges eTECH's 90-Day Non-transferable Warranty may not apply if at least one of the following items are found: 

  • If it is discovered, determined, or disclosed that the device had been repaired prior to the date listed above by an outside third party. 

  • If it is discovered, determined, or disclosed that the device had been exposed to water in any manner.

  • If it is discovered, determined, or disclosed the customer is attempting to commit or have eTECH commit any illegal activity. 

  • If eTECH, at its discretion, determines that the device does not qualify for the warranty either due to the age of the device; the limited access to the parts required for the repair; length of time required to perform the repair; the condition of the device at the time of the repair (see Paragraph 3), or any other reason as determined by eTECH. 

7. ​Customer understands if payment for services has not occurred 30 days after the repair is complete, the device becomes the property of eTECH as compensation for the services provided.  

All payments for repair attempts or parts used for the repair are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Special ordered parts may require a deposit of 50% and are non-refundable

Thanks for your request. We will contact you within 24hrs.

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